Lens front view
Lens left side view
Lens top view
Lens right side view
Lens left side view with lens hood SH-169
Lens front view, attached to camera ZV-E10
Product image, attached to camera body ILCE-7IM4
The smallest, lightest F4 ultra-wide APS-C power zoom

The world’s smallest and lightest constant F4 ultra-wide-angle APS-C power zoom lens offers outstanding mobility and superb image quality for both stills and movies. Smooth, versatile power zoom provides speed and framing control that brings extra expression to dynamic ultra-wide visual perspectives.

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Compact Power zoom
10-20mm F4 G Lens

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Logo image of APS-C E-mount

Coupled with α E-mount cameras from Sony, APS-C E-mount lenses deliver big camera performance.

E PZ 10-20mm F4 G Photo Gallery
Image of a person's hand holding the E PZ 10-20mm F4 G, showing that the lens is small enough to fit in their hand
The world’s smallest and lightest

Just 55 mm long and weighing a mere 178 grams (2-1/4 inches, 6.3 oz.), this is the world’s smallest, lightest F4 ultra-wide-angle power zoom lens. Thanks to internal zoom and focus, the lens does not change in length when zooming or focusing, providing a stable center of gravity that is ideal for vlogging and gimbal-mounted shooting. Outstanding mobility makes it a great choice for a wide range of situations.

Image showing that multiple people can fit in the frame, even when shooting a selfie
Dynamic perspectives and imagery

A 10 mm (35mm full-frame equivalent: 15 mm) focal length at the wide end of the zoom range provides extremely wide angles of view that can easily cover sweeping scenes or reveal more in small spaces. This versatile lens can also deliver dynamic images utilizing unique perspectives, effectively separating the subject from the background, and emphasizing distance or speed in movies.

Image of a building interior, with high-definition details
Outstanding optics in a compact lens

Three aspherical elements suppress field curvature and astigmatism while an ED (Extra-low Dispersion) aspherical element subdues chromatic aberration for high image-wide resolution throughout the 10 to 20 mm zoom range (35mm full-frame equivalent: 15 to 30 mm). Natural-looking G Lens bokeh can deliver striking expression with this lens’s 0.2-meter minimum AF distance and 0.13 ~ 0.17-meter minimum MF distance.

Image of a man recording a video clip while operating the E PZ 10-20mm F4 G's zoom lever
Responsive power zoom 

A new electronic power zoom system instantly converts zoom ring rotation to actual zoom operation so that the creator’s intent is faithfully captured. There’s also a zoom lever that makes it easy to execute super-slow constant-speed zooms that are difficult with manual zoom. Zoom can also be controlled remotely from the optional GP-VPT2BT grip, RMT-P1BT remote commander, or the Imaging Edge Mobile application.

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Optimized for smooth movies

Advanced lens technology reduces focus breathing as well as focus and axial shift when zooming to ensure that smooth, high-quality movie footage is always captured. Unwanted, distracting changes in angle of view and framing are minimized so the viewer can become fully immersed in the imagery.

Illustration showing the linear motor construction of the autofocus system
Extraordinary AF for stills and movies   

Two linear motors ensure fast, quiet, low vibration autofocus that can smoothly track subjects when shooting high frame rate movies and reliably follow fast-moving subjects when shooting stills continuously at high speed. Focus is especially critical when shooting 4K or 8K movies, particularly while zooming. This lens easily acquires focus and tracks challenging subjects smoothly and silently.

Illustration showing the lens configuration
Lens Configuration 

Impeccable Sony G Lens design emphasizes a graceful balance between high resolution and gorgeous background bokeh that can enhance the artist’s vision.

[1] Aspherical lens  [2] ED (extra-low dispersion) aspherical lens  [3] ED (extra-low dispersion) glass

E PZ 10-20mm F4 G  Modulation Transfer Function
MTF Chart 

MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) describes how well a lens can reproduce fine details, measured as the degree of contrast achieved between finely spaced lines.

[1] Contrast (%)  [2] Distance from optical center of lens (mm)  [3] At 10 mm / Max. aperture  [4] At 10 mm / F8 aperture  [5] At 20 mm / Max. aperture  [6] At 20 mm / F8 aperture  [7] Spatial frequency  [8] 10 line pairs / mm  [9] 30 line pairs / mm  [10] Radial values  [11] Tangential values

Close-up of the FX6 being used to film
Advantages of Sony’s lenses for video shooting

Learn the four unique advantages of using Sony's E-mount lens for video shooting. The combination of Sony's lenses and cameras will enhance your video creation experience.

Lens Controls
Product image showing the focusing ring, focus hold button, zoom lever, zoom ring and focus mode switch

[1] Focusing ring  [2] Focus hold button  [3] Zoom lever  [4] Zoom ring  [5] Focus mode switch

E PZ 10-20mm F4 G compatibility

Follow the link below for lens/body compatibility details.

Specifications & Features

  • The world’s smallest and lightest ultra-wide-angle G Lens with power zoom

  • An ED (Extra-low Dispersion) aspherical element for high image-wide resolution

  • Responsive power zoom instantly translates zoom ring motion to zoom operation

  • Two linear motors for fast, quiet, low vibration autofocus

  • Focus and zoom rings, versatile control features, and a dust a moisture resistant design

Minimum Focus Distance
0.20 m (AF), Wide: 0.13 m / Tele: 0.17 m (MF) ((0.66 ft (AF), Wide: 0.43ft / Tele: 0.56 ft (MF))
Maximum Magnification ratio (x)
Filter Diameter (mm)
178 g (6.3 oz.)
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