Images of FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS
Images of FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS
Images of FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS
STF™ delivers incomparable bokeh and sharpness

This 100mm mid-range telephoto prime lens is a superb creative tool that offers outstanding G Master resolution plus innovative STF (Smooth Trans Focus) optics for magnificent bokeh. It features fast, precise, quiet DDSSM autofocus, and close-up capability up to 0.25x magnification. Built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation minimizes blur that can occur during low light or macro shooting.

Exemplary 0 6B06B0 resolution and bokeh
Exemplary G Master resolution and bokeh

Advanced optics and design achieve extreme resolution and absolutely breathtaking bokeh that combine for overall performance that epitomizes the G Master concept.

Bokeh doesn’t get better than this
Bokeh doesn’t get better than this

This lens has been specifically designed to produce extraordinarily smooth, natural bokeh without vignetting. The result is naturally immersive depth and dimensionality. 

Resolution true to the 0 6B06B0 name
Resolution true to the G Master name

Extreme image-wide resolution and sharpness fulfill the demanding 50 lines per millimeter MTF requirement that is the basis of G Master optical design.

AF that lets you concentrate on creating
AF that lets you concentrate on creating 

DDSSM (Direct Drive SSM) focus drive provides fast, precise, quiet autofocus, allowing the user to concentrate fully on capturing superlative stills or movies.

Lens expert tips
Illustration of lens configuration
Lens Configuration

G Master series lenses take imaging and expression to previously unattainable levels with a stunning blend of extremely high resolution and softly dissolving background bokeh.

[1] APD [2] Aspherical lens [3] ED (extra-low dispersion) glass

Modulation Transfer Function of SEL100F28GM
MTF Chart

MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) describes how well a lens can reproduce fine details, measured as the degree of contrast achieved between finely spaced lines.

[1] Contrast (%)  [2] Distance from optical center of lens (mm)  [3] Max. aperture  [4] F8 aperture  [5] Spatial frequency  [6] 10 line pairs / mm  [7] 30 line pairs / mm  [8] Radial values  [9] Tangential values

Close-up photo of the FX6 being used to film
Advantages of Sony’s lenses for video shooting

Learn the four unique advantages of using Sony's E-mount lens for video shooting. The combination of Sony's lenses and cameras will enhance your video creation experience.

Lens Controls
Lens Controls
Lens Controls

1. Focusing ring /  2. Aperture ring / 3. Macro switching index / 4. Macro switching scale / 5. Focus hold button (customisable) / 6. Aperture click switch / 7. Shake compensation switch / 8. Focus mode switch / 9. Macro switching ring / 10. Macro switching unlock button / 11. Mounting index / 12. Aperture scale / 13. Lens contacts / 14. Lens mount rubber ring / 15. Aperture index /  16. Lens hood index

FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS compatibility

Follow the link below for lens/body compatibility details.

Specifications & Features

  • Premium G Master series Mid-range telephoto prime

  • Optical apodization (APD) element for magnificent bokeh

  • Nano AR coating for outstanding clarity

  • Direct Drive SSM (DDSSM) for quiet, highly precise focus lens control

  • Dust and moisture resistant design

Minimum Focus Distance
0.85m / 2.79 ft. (at "0.85m-∞" position); 0.57m / 1.87 ft. (at "0.57m-1.0m" position)
Maximum Magnification ratio (x)
0.14 (at "0.85m-∞" position); 0.25 (at "0.57m-1.0m" position)
Filter Diameter (mm)
700g (24.7 oz.)

What's in the Box

Hood (model): ALC-SH147, Lens front cap: ALC-F72S, Lens rear cap: ALC-R1EM, Case

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