Discover WF-1000XM4 features

This video demonstrates Sony's WF-1000XM4 true wireless headphones, with industry-leading noise cancellation.

We follow three different music lovers as they navigate the noisy environments we typically live in—on streets, in transit and at home—and reveal how much more enjoyable music listening is with the powerful V1 Integrated Processor and dual noise-sensor microphones. The sound-quality benefits of wireless Hi-Res Audio and 360 Reality Audio, DSEE Extreme music upscaling and the innovative earphone drives are also shown.

Features like Speak-to-chat, Adaptive Sound Control and automatic sound settings for favourite locations allow our headphone users to stay connected with relevant ambient sounds for convenience.

Comfort and usability are shown, demonstrating the WF-1000XM4's suitability for low-latency video viewing on mobile devices, making calls and using a digital voice assistant, thanks to Beamforming and Bone Conduction mics. 

Finally, features like wireless and quick charging and the extended battery life charging case, IPX4 water resistance and automatic wind noise reduction demonstrate how well suited these headphones are for active lifestyles.

Your sound. Nothing else.

Your sound. Nothing else.

An exceptional listening experience that's tailored just for you. The WF-1000XM4 truly wireless headphones take advanced noise cancelling and audio quality to the next level. Made to fit every ear, they offer a personalised experience that adjusts to every situation.

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Industry-leading noise

Advanced noise cancelling—now even better

Everything in the WF-1000XM4 headphones has been designed from the ground up. Like our new Integrated Processor V1, specially developed by Sony, which cancels more noise than ever, a new driver unit with better performance, noise-sensing microphones and innovative Noise Isolation Earbud Tips with a more stable fit.

Exceptional sound quality

Exceptional sound quality

The WF-1000XM4 now supports High-Resolution Audio Wireless.  Thanks to specially designed 6-mm drivers, they reproduce a dynamic sound despite their small size, and the high-compliance diaphragm reproduces a rich bass range. The Integrated Processor V1 also enhances sound quality and reduces distortion, and enables LDAC codec processing and DSEE Extreme.

Evolved Digital

Evolved Digital Noise Cancelling with Integrated Processor V1

Sound quality

Sound quality with High-Resolution Audio Wireless

Smart listening

Smart listening and clear call quality

Ergonomic surface

Ergonomic surface design for stable fit

Water resistant

Water resistant and long battery life for everyday use



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