Easy Sharing

There's no longer a need to compromise your images with your smartphone camera just to share content quickly. The ZV-1 delivers both stunning images and seamless connectivity, for better and easier posting.

Smartphone linked to the ZV1 in your hand.

Instantly transfer movies to your smartphone

The free Imaging EdgeTM Mobile app for iOS and Android lets you simply transfer, edit and upload images shot on the ZV-1 instantly to social media platforms, from wherever you are.
Manipulating a smartphone screen.

A perfect fit for any platform

Use the Movie Edit add-on to apply enhanced stabilisation for especially shaky shots, or reframe and crop video to suit popular social media aspect ratios.
Close-up of hand holding ZV-1

Easily shoot vertical-position movies for mobile

With automatic tagging of vertically oriented videos, you can upload content custom-made for smartphone screens.