More resourceful using fewer resources

Sony's engineers have always collaborated with cinematographers. This continues in the VENICE in a much more compact cinema - retaining the quality and durability for harsh shooting environments, while dramatically reducing manufacturing resource use. 

Delivering high performance for the environment

We are steadily working towards zero environmental impact across our product life cycles and business activities under our "Road to Zero" plan. Fulfilling this goal includes reduction of raw material consumption through lighter and more compact products to lessen our impact on the earth.

Reduction through reflection

By rethinking past designs and utilising unique engineering, we succeeded in creating a lighter, more compact camera. By reconsidering our use of materials, the VENICE was made 20% lighter and 40% smaller than the F65.

Image of [1] F65 [2] VENICE
Size comparison

[1] F65  [2] VENICE

Image of [1] F65 [2] VENICE
Weight comparison

[1] F65  [2] VENICE

Image of A new way of thinking about heat
A new way of thinking about heat

Through a radical redesign of the ventilation system and circuit board, we've been able to significantly reduce the overall size of the camera without reducing performance. And by reconsidering the structure, improvements were made on overall heat emission.

More efficient internal design and layout

The VENICE comes uniquely equipped with two internal turrets for ND filters, allowing eight steps of servo ND exposure control. The use of the two turrets offers unmatched shooting flexibility and helps to reduce the outer circumference resulting in a more compact, resource-efficient camera with less need for external filters.

Image of More efficient internal design and layout
Achieving performance with less environmental impact

Innovation ensures the VENICE reduces its impact on the environment through less resource use during the manufacturing process. It does so while maintaining high durability, easy manoeuvrability, and operability across a wide range of conditions.

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Image of A clear vision for the environment
A clear vision for the environment

Sony lenses are renowned for their performance – letting you confidently capture any moment. But it is innovation reflecting our environmental concern that makes them truly unique.

Image of Products
Sustainability sounds great

Under our Road to Zero and Green Management 2025, Sony is targeting a 10% reduction in the amount of virgin plastic used per product (excluding packaging) compared to FY2018. For over 10 years in audio, we have been improving the performance of recycled materials and using them in our designs.

Image of aibo

A revolutionary new packaging is born. aibo arrives snugly wrapped, and protected from damage, in a felt package produced from 50% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles.