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This Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Premium HDMI Certification supports high speed 18Gbps data transfer – necessary to transmit both 4K and 4K HDR video up to 60p. Enjoy high resolution, wide colour gamut, and high contrast video with ease, alongside advanced HDMI data communication functions.
  • Premium HDMI Certification, for 18Gbps data transfer, 4K and 4K HDR video up to 60p including YCbCr 4:2:2 12bit / 4:4:4 8bit.

  • Reliable data transfer with AWG 30 copper stranded wire and three-layer shielding.

  • Type-A HDMI connector with seamless zinc-diecast plug and internal metal shielding for signal noise insulation.

  • Supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) audio signals and HEC (HDMI Ethernet Channel), as well as 3D signal support.

  • Arrows (→→) clearly indicate signal direction to make it easy to get the best from the cable.

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