A fox looking forward A fox looking forward

Unrivalled autofocus

Real-time Eye AF for birds0

High-level subject recognition technology now makes it possible for Sony’s Real-time Eye AF function to track and accurately focus on bird eyes, even if the bird suddenly takes flight or the framing changes. This innovative function easily meets the many challenges of bird photography0.
A bird flying with an AF frame on its face
A bear with an AF frame on its eye

Improved Real-time Eye AF for animals0

Primarily designed for cats and dogs, this feature employs advanced subject recognition technology to reliably track and focus on animal eyes. It even works if the animal’s face is upside-down.
A volleyball player with an AF frame on his eye

Real-time Eye AF

Combining state-of-the-art AI technology and evolved Fast Hybrid AF algorithms, Real-time Eye AF in the α1 tracks and focuses on human eyes with approximately 30% greater precision than the α9 II.
A ski racer with an AF frame on his head

Real-time Tracking0

Select a subject, half-press the shutter, and the camera will track and maintain focus automatically. Turn on AF face/eye priority for seamless AI-based tracking of human, animal, or bird eyes.
AF sensor regions covering almost the entire image

Wide, fast, precise AF tracking

The α1 features focal plane phase-detection AF that is sensitive, fast, and precise. The 50.1 MP sensor and BIONZ XR engine provide 759 selectable phase-detection points covering about 92% of the image.