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Large-sensor images

The larger sensor makes a difference in quality

The ZV-E10's impressive images are the result of the camera's large APS-C sized image sensor – the same kind found in cameras all the way up to professional cinema models. The sensor is more than ten times larger0 than ones you would find in a typical smartphone, so it collects far more light and more image data, in order to create beautiful images and evocative bokeh effects.
[1] APS-C  [2] 1.0-type  [3] 1/2.3~1/3.4-type
An illustration comparing sensor sizes of the ZV-E10, a compact camera with a one-inch sensor, and a smartphone with a 1/2.3-inch sensor

Professional-looking bokeh at your command

The ZV-E10 makes it easy to shoot impressive images with a softly blurred background, like the kind you see in movies. The camera's large-size sensor makes this possible, allowing you to take striking shots where the subject really stands out against the background.
Sample image shot with the ZV-E10 using a fixed focal length lens

Impressive 4K movies0

Making high-resolution 4K movies3 is as easy as pressing the MOVIE button1, and the ZV-E10's large image sensor enables a beautiful range of colors. For maximum detail, the image sensor records 2.4x2 the volume of data needed for 4K3, then condenses the data to produce the final recording.
Sample image illustrating impressively colourful 4K video

Clean footage in dim lighting

Even when you're shooting in poorly lit settings, the ZV-E10 delivers beautifully detailed images with minimal noise. Once again, it's all thanks to the large size of the camera's image sensor, which maximises light collection. The result is clear, clean images even when shooting indoors with dim lighting or outdoors at night.
Sample image shot in a dark setting