VCT-AM1 Adhesive Mount For Action Cam

Picture of VCT-AM1 Adhesive Mount For Action Cam
Images of VCT-AM1 Adhesive Mount For Action Cam


Secure Action Cam mounting

These adhesive mounts are curved or flat to stick firmly to your helmets, boards and more. The low-profile design even helps reduce shake and wobble.

Ready for anything

The adhesive mounts are waterproof and dustproof – use them with the Action Cam waterproof case and you can film in almost any conditions. Whether you’re sea kayaking or shooting rapids, waterskiing or cross-country skiing, fix them to your kit and let the adventure begin.


  • Compatible products: All models

  • Dimension(Approx.): Attachment Buckle: W 43.5 X H 14.0 X D 58.5mm, Flat Adhesive: W 50.0 X H 12.5 X D 58.5mm(excluding the projection parts)

  • Curved Adhesive: W 50.0 X H 16.0 X D 58.5mm (excluding the projection parts)

  • Weight(Approx.): Attachment Buckle: 15g(0.5oz), Flat Adhesive: 14g(0.5oz), Curved Adhesive: 16g(0.5oz)

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