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External Flash with Wireless Radio Control



HVL-F28RM Selected Video Transcript

Alpha logo


Captions “External Flash with Wireless Radio Control” and “HVL-F28RM” with front view of flash unit

Caption “GN28* power for mirrorless cameras”

Front view of camera body with lens mounted, and flash unit attached and illuminated

Caption “Smaller and more portable”

Caption “Ideal for compact mirrorless cameras” over clip of camera on table with lens mounted and flash unit attached, being picked up and carried away by user with wrist strap trailing 

Caption “Output rivalling the HVL-F45RM*” over clip of user raising camera in preparation to shoot; then clip of rear view of user preparing to shoot female subject with background bokeh


Caption “Made by Sony for flawless flash control”

Clip of female subject descending staircase in near darkness with small green rectangle surrounding one eye, showing operation of Real-time Eye AF system

Caption “Intelligent Sony flash / camera communication*” over rear view of camera and flash with previous shot playing on camera’s LCD screen and arrow graphics illustrating bidirectional data communication between camera and flash unit


Caption “Light control linked to camera body face detection*” over clip shoeing expanded rear view of camera with previous shot playing on LCD screen; then shot is taken and flash is triggered



Caption “Intelligent communication ensures natural skin tones*” over further-expanded view of still portrait shot in previous clip


Caption “Compact, with professional reliability and durability”

Caption “Dust and moisture resistant design*” over two graphics showing locations of dust- and moisture-resistant seals on flash unit


Caption “Metal side frame protects shoe connections” over shot of underside of shoe showing electrical contacts with side frame locations ringed

Caption “Lockable to prevent unwanted angle changes” over side view of flash unit showing push button; then highlighted by zooming in

Caption “50% greater overheat resistance*” over front view of flash unit

Caption “High-end features in a portable unit”

Caption “Tight flash / camera integration for broad system versatility” over clip of user adjusting flash unit and preparing to shoot

Caption “High Speed Sync*” over still portrait of female subject in outdoor location with significant background bokeh


Caption “Comprehensive control from compatible cameras*”


Caption “Easy operation from body menus” over rear view of camera and flash with flash control menu displayed on camera’s LCD screen

Caption “Directly control compensation, ratio, and more from compatible cameras” over rear view of camera and flash with flash control menu displayed on camera’s LCD screen, and arrow graphic showing control flow from camera body to flash; then clip showing flash settings being made from camera menus



Caption “Radio wireless operation for flexible lighting”

Caption “Stable radio wireless communication up to 35 m (114 ft)*” over graphic showing camera-attached flash unit communicating with 15 others; then caption “Wirelessly control up to 15 flash units in 5 groups*”



Caption “The evolving α lighting system” over shot of the three flash units and other accessories in the series, with the HVL-F28RM mounted on an α series camera body


SONY logo