What's your ideal TV?

With so many models and features, it can be daunting deciding what's the best TV to buy. Let us help you choose a Sony TV that will take your entertainment to a whole new level.


By screen type

There are two screen types available, OLED and LCD, each with its own unique characteristics. Our expertise in television allows us to provide thrilling experiences on both OLED and LCD TVs. 

OLED: Deeper shadow, brighter highlights

Our OLED screens comprise over 8 million self-illuminating pixels that are precisely and individually controlled. Because each pixel can be activated or turned off completely, the variance between light and dark is greatly enhanced with incredibly deep blacks and dazzling lights. You’ll see more accurate detail, depth and textures in dark scenes, making OLED TV especially good for movies.

Fast-moving action
Less blur, more sharpness

With pictures created by millions of individually controlled pixels, everything is sharp and clear on OLED - even fast-moving action scenes and sports.

Clarity and colour from all sides of the TV
Natural colours, every angle

 On some TVs, pictures can look pale and colourless when viewed from the sides. OLED widens the area of colour reproduction at high brightness so you'll see the same colours from the sides as you do from the centre.

Theatre-like sound
Theatre-like sound

Sound comes directly from the screen with Sony OLED TVs, precisely aligning what you hear with what you see, making your viewing much more immersive.

LCD: Bright, colourful scenes

Our LCD televisions with backlighting fill the screen with brightness, allowing the TV to reproduce colourful scenes even in bright rooms. 

Sony LCD televisions which are Full Array LED include zones of LEDs that can be lit or dimmed independently to give more realistic peaks of brightness, more accurate shadow detail and deeper, inkier blacks. All Full Array LED models feature X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO, a unique Sony technology that enhances light and dark by accurately controlling LEDs so specific areas of the screen can be incredibly bright while others remain pitch black. The result is ultra realistic, three-dimensional pictures that bring scenes to life.


By screen size

There are important considerations when choosing your ideal TV size. Learn how to select the correct TV for your needs and discover how you can maximise its size. Don’t think you need a huge room to consider a bigger TV. Advances in technology and design mean you can have a larger screen within your existing space.

Why viewing distance matters
Why viewing distance matters

Today’s 4K TVs with enhanced resolution keep pictures sharp and smooth, even when sitting close to the screen or watching larger screens. As a general rule, we recommend the height of the TV to be two-thirds of the distance between the TV and your viewing position.

Viewing distance: ①90cm: 49"  ②100cm: 55" ③120cm: 65" ④140cm:75" ⑤160cm: 85"

See more with a thinner bezel
See more with a thinner bezel

With thinner bezels on our latest televisions, you can now choose a larger screen without increasing the overall size of your TV. Your viewing will also be more immersive as you’ll find yourself focusing on the action, not the frame around the screen.


By what you watch

Maybe it’s movies with theatre-like sound, sports with stadium atmosphere or adrenaline-loaded games full of detail. Think about what you want to enjoy on your TV and find televisions that maximise those experiences.

Love watching movies?

Movies include a lot of dark scenes so it’s important to have a TV with deep blacks and dazzling lights to bring scenes alive with depth and detail. You'll also want harmony between what you see and what you hear so you can enjoy a more realistic, theatre-like experience.

Movie scene on OLED
Movies on OLED

With over eight million self illuminating, independently activated pixels, OLED enhances the intensity of light and dark, making OLED TV especially good for Sci-Fi, horror and action movies. Acoustic Surface Audio™ technology, a sound from screen experience, matches pictures precisely with sound so you can hear voices from exactly where the character is standing, not merely from the sides - just as you do in the cinema.

Movie scene on LCD
Movies on LCD

Our Full Array LED TVs with Sony's unique XR Contrast Booster technologies make pictures look more real by independently activating the backlight and boosting the brightness of lighter areas. This makes LCD TV a good choice if you like to watch movies with a lot of light, sunny scenes like family movies and animations.

Enjoy sport?

The main issue when watching fast-moving sports like football and motor racing is blur. Make sure you choose a TV with enhanced sharpness to keep the action clear.

Clarity of sport on OLED
Sport on OLED

OLED features millions of independently illuminated pixels for extraordinary sharpness. Even when watching fast-moving sports, you’ll see minimal afterimage or blur. 

Motionflow and X-Motion Clarity
Sport on LCD

Look out for XR Motion Clarity™, a Sony technology that reduces blur by inserting black images between images. It uses an independent panel control to optimise light emission and keep scenes clear without losing brightness.

① Image with XR Motion Clarity
② Image without XR Motion Clarity

Into games?
You're a winner with 4K/120fps

With 4K/120fps as specified in HDMI 2.1, our TVs give you smooth and clear movement for responsive gameplay.

Responsive gaming, effortless control

Get going fast. Just plug in an HDMI cable and BRAVIA XR will recognise when a console is connected and automatically switch to game mode. You'll enjoy smooth and responsive gameplay.

TV broadcast showing benefit of X-Reality PRO
Watch TV shows, news and more?

Although 4K TVs are becoming increasingly popular, some TV programmes including shows and news bulletins are still being broadcast in less than 2K. Look for TVs with XR 4K Upscaling, which upscale low-resolution content to close to 4K using a unique Sony database.

Looking to enjoy apps?

With Sony Smart TV’s, you’ll be able to watch online services easily via apps. Services like YouTube and Netflix open up worlds of exciting entertainment and in better picture quality too.

YouTube on screen with remote
Browse YouTube videos in seconds

With our Smart TVs, you can stream video-on-demand services like YouTube easily through apps for a whole new entertainment experience. A YouTube button on the remote control allows easy browsing with just one click.

Montage of Netflix movies
Effortlessly explore Netflix, optimised for your entertainment

Selected Sony TVs are Netflix Recommended TVs which are authorised by Netflix including a Netflix button on the remote and voice control for easy access. Netflix Calibrated Mode preserves the picture quality of the studio evaluation master so you see just what the creator intended.


By sound experience

If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, match sound with pictures. Choose a TV with sound from screen technology so that what you hear comes from the place it should. This is especially important on large TVs where sound can be far from the centre of the screen.

OLED: Be immersed in sound that moves with the picture

With Sony's Acoustic Surface Audio technology, the screen vibrates so that sound appears to follow the action and come from the place where it is supposed to come from. 

LCD: Be at the heart of the action with sound from the screen 

With Sony's Acoustic Multi Audio, sound seems to come directly from the centre of the screen, closely matching pictures.