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Beyond just bass, the XS-W104ES subwoofer completes your music. Whether you're just looking for power you can feel, or to be truly transported by sound, this Mobile ES subwoofer upgrades any in-car listening experience.


XS-W104ES | 10" (25cm) Mobile ES™ 4-ohm Subwoofer

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MRC Honeycomb Diaphragm with 10 Times higher flexural rigidity
Lightweight Rigid Cellular Honeycomb Subwoofer Diaphragm

Lightweight Rigid Cellular(formerly known as MRC) diaphragm material is further enhanced via a honeycomb fibre structure, for unmatched rigidity and responsiveness. Enhancements over the years of diaphragm material development produced a driver 10x more rigid than conventional PP Matrix cones, for natural low-distortion sound and a wide frequency response.

Separated Notch Edge Surround

The woofer surround features another proprietary Sony technology, with distinctive curved notches improving the vertical amplitude symmetry, for dramatically reduced distortion and enhanced clarity.

Image of the XS-W104ES subwoofer in reverse with air flow
Five-beam Frame Structure & Dynamic Air Diffuser

The Five-beam Frame design disperses resonance while the integrated Dynamic Air Diffuser ensures efficient air circulation for smooth cone travel and cooling of the voice coil.

Progressive Height Rate Spider

The acoustically-optimised spider allows for higher power handling and airflow, with a profile designed for more rapid and precise cushioning of the speaker cone. To increase signal integrity and prevent sound interference the lead wire from the voice coil is also sewn to the spider, reducing wire movement.

Image of the gold-plated input terminals on the XS-W104ES subwoofer
Gold-plated Input Terminals

Gold-plated spring terminals allow up to AWG#10 speaker cables.

Structure cutaway

Discover structures of the Mobile ES speaker, including newly applied mechanical approaches such as Separated Notch Edge Surround, Five-beam Frame design, and Dynamic Air Diffuser. 

Annotated cross section of the XS-W104ES subwoofer

Mobile ES Series

Immerse yourself in excellent in-car entertainment

Engineered for ultimate listening pleasure on the road, the Mobile ES Series products bring the very best of your music and connectivity together, for a driving experience like never before.

Specifications & Features

Enrich and upgrade your in-car listening experience with the XS-W104ES Mobile ES subwoofer. The 10" Lightweight Rigid Cellular Honeycomb diaphragm is custom-engineered for powerful and precise subwoofer bass delivery and ultra low distortion, to compliment any system.
  • Lightweight Rigid Cellular Honeycomb diaphragm for powerful sound with less distortion

  • 1800W peak/450W RMS power handling

  • Separated Notch Edge Surround for less distortion and clear sound

  • Five-beam Frame design disperses resonance

  • Dynamic Air Diffuser ensures efficient air circulation for smooth cone travel and cooling

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