Sony and the Environment

Striving to achieve a zero environmental footprint

Environmental Features in Sony Products

At Sony we always endeavor to reduce environmental impact in our wide range of products. These efforts are evident in compact, lightweight, energy-efficient designs that reduce wasted resources and power consumption, and our commitment to using recycled materials. 

More resourceful using fewer resources

Sony's engineers have always collaborated with cinematographers. This continues in the VENICE in a much more compact cinema - retaining the quality and durability for harsh shooting environments, while dramatically reducing manufacturing resource use.

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Sony's Environmental Technology

At Sony we are involved in developing environmental technologies to reduce our impact on the environment.

Stacked full of bright ideas

Sony built the full-frame stacked CMOS image sensor with integral memory for the high-performance α9. The result is a smaller and lighter professional camera that contains fewer resources.

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Worldwide Sony Environmental Activities

Each company across the globe in the Sony group is involved in environmental activities tailored to the local community.

Image of One Sony, for the future of our oceans
One Sony, for the future of our oceans

As a company that uses plastics in products and business operations, Sony employees worldwide are united in responding to ocean plastic pollution.

Image of Seeking a New Kind of Breakthrough
Seeking a New Kind of Breakthrough

Sony Group is increasing the use of renewable energy by seeking to optimally balance regional conditions and resources.

Image of Japan

Sony Becomes First Japanese Company to Make CDP's Climate Change A-List for 5 Consecutive Years

Image of Europe

Solar Panels Installation in Austria to Support Climate Protection

Image of China

Coordinated Cleanup around China to Keep Oceans Free of Plastic Waste

Image of Pan Asia
Pan Asia

Sony's Eco Shopping Bag Design Contest in Indonesia

Image of North America
North America

Announced Sony's Largest Solar Installation for North America Region

Image of Latin America
Latin America

Participating in the "Festi Harpia" 2019 to Tell the Importance of Biodiversity

Sony Environmental Activity

UN and PlayStation® to Create Virtual Experience on Climate Change

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Sony PlayStation have teamed up to create an immersive virtual reality experience designed to increase global awareness about what a climate change friendly lifestyle looks like. Viewers can come face to face with the average carbon footprint in real size in a 360 degree surround scene.

Message from CEO

Accelerate our environmental initiatives as we advance to the next stage

Environmental initiatives are one of Sony’s most important topics in this age in which a company’s consideration of the environment is one of the selection standards for customers when purchasing products.

Sony has continued to promote environmental activities based on our "Road to Zero" environmental plan that aims for a zero environmental footprint. In order to accelerate our environmental activities, we have now established our “Green Management 2020” environmental targets (achievement year : FY2020). As we move toward these targets, the entire Group, including the field of entertainment in addition to electronics, will make the best use of its individual strengths in performing these activities.

The Sony Group has now entered the next stage of its environmental activities. Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting user experiences by inspiring and fulfilling the curiosity of our customers around the world, but also, through our "Road to Zero" environmental plan, to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities.

Signature of Kenichiro Yoshida
Kenichiro Yoshida

President and CEO, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Sony Corporation