Control and reliability for any scene

Working with a PC in the studio Working with a PC in the studio

Control, reliability

High-performance electronic viewfinder

The 9.44 million-dot (approx.) OLED viewfinder in the α1 offers the highest resolution in the industry at this time3. It features 0.90x magnification1 with a 41° FOV for a clear, wide view, and an updated structure that results in a 25mm high eyepoint2. A 240fps refresh rate with UXGA FOV is another world first3, for a clear view of fast action.
Illustration of electric viewfinder
Ski jumper

Panning shots with electronic shutter0

Using electronic shutter at low shutter speeds can reduce display response, making it difficult to follow fast subjects. Turn [Low Frame Rate Limit] ON to improve display response and allow panning shots.
Golfer image with white central frame

Seamlessly switch full-frame and APS-C formats

M and S size images have the same number of pixels and AF area in the full-frame and APS-C modes, so you can switch seamlessly between full-frame [M:21MP] and APS-C [M:21MP] while shooting the same scene.

[1] Full Frame  [2] APS-C

Set-up "Operation Customize" menu with cursor on "Different Set for Still/MV"

Separate settings for stills and movies

A subset of the settings now change according to the selected mode. This is ideal when you want to use different aperture, shutter speed, and other settings for shooting stills and movies.
"Shooting" menu with cursor on "Image Quality"

New menu structure

Another feature requested by professional photographers and videographers: a revised menu structure for easier navigation, and touch-responsive menu operation for more intuitive control.
"Custom Key Setting" menu

Customisable functions

164 Functions are assignable to 17 custom keys as well as the front and rear dials. Independent function sets can be assigned for stills, movies, and playback.
Finger touching menu screen

Touch menu control

Touch-responsive main and function menus with menu tabs on the left of the display and related parameter groups and parameters on the right make for easy navigation and tracking control.
Camera front view

High-reliability mechanical shutter

Shutter vibration is minimised while allowing continuous bursts at up to 10 fps. The new shutter unit with advanced motor, brake, and dampers is good for more than 500,000 cycles.
Camera rear view with two SD cards

Two CFexpress Type A compatible media slots

Dual media slots support UHS-I and UHS-II SDXC/SDHC cards as well as new CFexpress Type A cards for higher overall capacity and faster read/write speeds.
Camera rear view with two Z batterries

High-capacity Z-series Battery for extended recording

Shoot up to 530 stills per charge. Components and circuitry have also been designed to optimize power use. Get more capacity with two Z batteries in the VG-C4EM grip.
Wire illustraion of internal structure

Improved dust and moisture resistant design

Sealing is provided at all body seams and the battery cover. The media slots have a double sliding cover and lock that keep water out. A lens lock button and mount cushion help too.
Exploded view of camera

Durable magnesium alloy chassis

A light, rigid magnesium alloy enhances the durability of the top, front, and rear covers as well as the internal frame. 6 lens mount attachment screws add even more strength and rigidity.
Camera front and rear views showing auto-closing shutter
Power-off shutter close
When the camera is powered OFF the shutter closes to protect the sensor from dust during lens changes.
Camera front and rear views showing USB power and fast charge connector
USB power and fast charge

USB PD (Power Delivery) is supported. Higher current capacity means you can shoot without battery drain.*

* Only USB Type-C® connection supported for charging and power delivery. Battery must be installed for power delivery. Battery drain may occur depending on the adapter used and operating conditions.

Camera front and rear views showing white balance sensor
IR white balance sensor
This sensor contributes to more accurate white balance under fluorescent, LED, or other artificial light.
Illustration showing anti-dust
An improved ultrasonic (over 70kHz) filter removes stray particles from the front of the sensor to prevent them ruining your images.
Camera front and rear views showing HDMI and other connectors
Comprehensive connectors
The α1 offers versatile connectivity through a variety of ports: HDMI Type-A, USB Type-C, LAN, and more.
Drive Focus mode dial
Stacked Drive Mode and Focus Mode dials offer direct access for fast on-the-fly operation.
Camera front and rear views showing tiltable monitor
Tiltable monitor
The α1 LCD monitor is a high-quality touch-responsive 3.0 type that tilts up by 107° and down by 41°.
α1 front and rear view