Image of a dragonfly on a tree branch Image of a dragonfly on a tree branch

Next-generation AF

Image of a racecar driver wearing a helmet

Real-time Recognition AF

The α7R V's AF system delivers dramatically enhanced overall performance, drawing on major improvements in subject recognition performance. Deep learning technology supports powerful Real-time Recognition AF as well as more reliable Real-time Tracking which is supported by higher Fast Hybrid AF performance over a wider area.
Example image of a flying airplane with small squares showing the 693 AF points across the image

Faster, more precise wide-area AF

The immense processing power of the new BIONZ XR engine and updated algorithms achieve notably improved AF performance. Up to 693 phase-detection points in a high-density array cover approximately 79% of the image area.
Image of a woman sitting in a dimly lit space

Accurate AF in low EV -4.0 light

The latest AF algorithms enable high AF precision down to light levels as low as EV -4.0 in AF-S mode. The α7R V also includes a Focus Priority mode that provides more reliable AF in low light or when using smaller apertures.
Images of a car continuously shot at 10 fps with AF/AE tracking

Continuously shoot up to 583 compressed RAW images at 10 fps0 

Continuous shooting at up to 10 fps with full AF/AE tracking is possible with the mechanical or electronic shutter. The camera can shoot up to 583 compressed RAW images at this speed.
Macro shot of leaves

Focus bracketing to capture the best shot

The camera will automatically shoot up to 299 images with sequentially shifted focus points, with custom intervals and sequence specified by the user. Pick the perfect shot, or post-process multiple shots to achieve creative composites with impossible focus depth.
Image of the camera display for Anti-Flicker settings

Flicker suppression0

Flicker from artificial lighting can be effectively suppressed, with your choice of "Anti-flicker shoot" for still shots or "Var Shutter" to fine-tune shutter speeds to match flicker rates when shooting either stills or movies.
Image of a rabbit in focus

Full-time DMF0

When shooting stills with AF-C or AF-S autofocus, the lens's focus ring can be rotated to instantly switch to manual focus mode at any time. This makes it easy to switch focus to a different subject on the fly.