Sound quality

Image of a woman lying on a grey sofa wearing a pair of white Sony WH-CH520 headphones

A listening experience just for you

Your sound, just how you like it

Tailor sound to your personal preference by choosing from a variety of pre-sets to match sound quality with the genre of music you're listening to. Or create and save your own pre-sets using the EQ Custom feature on the Sony│Headphones Connect app.0
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Image of the EQ Custom pre-set feature on the Sony | Headphones Connect app

Make your music more natural

When an original music source is compressed, it loses the high-frequency elements that add detail and richness to a track. Our Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) faithfully restores these to produce high-quality sound that’s closer to the original recording.
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Certified headphones for a personalised experience

With 360 Reality Audio certified headphones and the Sony | Headphones Connect app, optimise your experience by analysing your individual ear shape, and enjoy the ultimate immersive music experience.

A personal cinematic experience

With BRAVIA XR™ and Wireless Transmitter WLA-NS7

Enjoy a thrilling Dolby Atmos® experience and 360 Spatial Sound that adapts to your ears with BRAVIA XR™ and these headphones using wireless transmitter WLA-NS7.

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360 Spatial Sound Personalizer

With the Sony | 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser app, you'll enjoy a sound experience that's optimised for you. The app captures and analyses your ear shape, allowing these headphones to create your own personal spatial sound field when paired with BRAVIA XR™ TVs.
Image of a black pair of Sony WH-CH520 headphones sitting on a TV unit underneath a mounted TV

Dolby Atmos Experience

With a Sony WLA-NS7 wireless transmitter connected to a BRAVIA XR™ TV, your headphones create the ideal arrangement of phantom speakers all around you so you can enjoy a Dolby Atmos experience. Be immersed in the scene and feel right at the heart of the action