Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras
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Alpha 6400 E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor



Speedy, reliable autofocus

Lightning-fast AF Lightning-fast AF

Lightning-fast AF

Reliable AF for great action shots

The camera's innovative AF quickly and reliably detects the position of the subject and then tracks the subject's motion, keeping it in sharp focus. 
425 phase-detection AF points

425 phase-detection AF points

Densely distributed focus points blanket around 84% of the image area, aiding subject capture. 
[1] Phase-detection AF coverage (425 points)  [2] Contrast-detection AF coverage (425 points)
0.02 sec. AF speed

0.02 sec.0 AF speed

The camera's Fast Hybrid AF system combines the best of phase-detection AF and contrast-detection AF. 
Persistent tracking ability

Persistent tracking ability

When subjects are in motion, AF points densely positioned around the subject are activated for accurate tracking.
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Fast continuous shooting with AF/AE at up to 11fps0

Never miss a moment of the action thanks to fast internal processing and high-capacity buffer memory. Fire off shots at up to 11fps1 with after-view or 8fps1 for live-view, with minimal display lag, and take up to around 116 shots in JPEG (Standard) or 46 shots in compressed RAW format in one continuous burst.2
Fast continuous shooting with AF/AE at up to 11fps

Silent continuous shooting at up to 8fps0

When your shoot calls for absolute quiet, such as when you're photographing a live performance, silent shooting with no shutter noise allows shooting at up to 8fps0 with AF/AE tracking, even in AF-C mode, with Real-time Eye AF, or with Real-time Tracking, expanding your range of shooting options.
Silent continuous shooting at up to 8fps