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How to perform a system recovery using Recovery Discs.

    The Recovery Discs can be used to restore the complete system, remove or restore the Recovery Drive partition and change the size and number of the hard disk partitions. Follow this procedure to perform a system recovery using Recovery Discs.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. All software applications, configurations, and data added to the computer will be erased.


    • Before performing a recovery, go to the Sony® eSupport Web site and look for software and driver updates or check for knowledge base solutions that may help you solve your computer issue. Downloads are posted on your model support page.
    • This model is not supplied with Recovery Discs. Recovery data is loaded from Recovery Discs created on the computer  before the recovery and saved to a special partition of the hard drive. Most recovery functions can be performed from within the operating system using the VAIO Recovery Center.
    • Sony Electronics is no longer permitted to sell system recovery media for VAIO PCs that shipped with operating systems released prior to Windows 7. If you have not created a set of Recovery Media, or if the Recovery Media has been lost or misplaced, please contact Best Buy for VAIO PC repair and recovery options at 1-800-433-5778.

    • If the computer uses an external CD/DVD drive, plug in the drive according to the instructions in the VAIO User Guide. Manuals are posted on your model support page. .
    • If an external drive is necessary, Sony recommends the optional i.LINK® CD/DVD drives specifically designed as an accessory for your model and available for purchase from the Sony Style Web site. Some USB optical drives may not work when attempting to start the computer using the Recovery Discs.
    • Do not interrupt the power during the recovery process. Notebook computers must be connected to the AC adapter.
    • Customers who purchased the Symantec® Norton Internet Security® 2007 software from the Sony Style® store with their computer must create a Norton Account  to save their product key prior to a system recovery or the software cannot be reinstalled.
    1. Turn on the computer.
    2. Insert Recovery Disc #1 into the DVD drive.
    3. Turn off the computer.
    4. Turn on the computer.
    5. In the VAIO Recovery Center window, under Choose a program, click Restore Complete System.
    6. In the Restore Complete System window, click the Start button.
    7. In the Recovery drive window, click to select Yes and then click the Next button.


      • Selecting the Yes option is recommended because it will retain the recovery partition.
      • If the No option is selected, the part of the recovery drive that contains the operating system and bundled software is removed. With this option the operating system and bundled software can be restored only from the Recovery Discs.
    8. In the C: drive size window, click to select Yes to use the default (C:) drive size or No to manually configure the size of the (C:) drive and then click the Next button.

      NOTE: If Yes is selected, continue with Step 11.

    9. Under Divide your hard disk's storage space into C and D drives, click the down arrow and then click to select the desired option.


      • If Original factory-installed state (Recommended) or Allocate all the space to the C drive is selected, click the Next button and continue with Step 11.
      • If Customized drive size is selected, click the Next button and proceed with the next step to configure partition sizes.
    10. Next to C Drive Size:, enter the desired size of the (C:) drive and then click the Next button.

      NOTE: The remaining space is allocated to the (D:) drive and the recovery drive.

    11. Under WARNING: This program deletes all files on your hard disk drive, click to select the I understand box.

      WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. Once the Start button is clicked, the recovery process starts and cannot be reversed.

    12. Click the Start button.
    13. After the bundled applications are installed, click the Finish button.
    14. The computer will restart and the operating system setup wizard will begin. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup wizard.