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A commitment to accessibility and usability is an essential aspect of quality and a way of life at Sony. Sony aspires to create products and services with advanced technologies that are intuitive and that people of all abilities can use with ease.

Consumer electronic products and services are becoming increasingly multi-functional and user interfaces are becoming more complex. Against this backdrop, the Sony Group companies in the United States are continuously collaborating with disabled individuals, and conducting usability tests to assess factors such as view-ability, understandability, and responsiveness. This usability testing is done both during the product and service development process, as well as after those products and services have been released into the market.

Sony is proud to take a leading role in the development of international accessibility and usability standards, including recent efforts to develop standards for text-to-speech functionality in televisions and to standardize user interfaces for audio, video, and multimedia systems and equipment. 

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For more comprehensive information regarding Sony Corporation accessibility, please visit our Accessibility and Usability site.

Sony was the project leader in an initiative of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to develop general requirements for the international standard for text-to-speech for television IEC 62731 (2013). Sony also leads the project to standardize accessibility and user interfaces in the IEC Technical Committee TC 100 (audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment) and serves as the technical secretary for technical area 16, which also includes active assisted living projects.