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How to perform a hard reset on the Reader.

    WARNING: A hard reset will erase all content on the Reader.

    1. Ensure the Reader® digital book is powered off by sliding the power button to the right. Please note the power button will go back to it's original position.
    2. On the back of the Reader, using the stylus, press the RESET button for three seconds.
    3. After the three seconds, slide the power button on/off twice.
    4. While the screen displays Starting up... , simultaneously press and hold down the back button and the VOL + button until the Reset All screen is displayed. Image

      NOTE: If Starting up... does not display on the screen, charge the Reader's battery for four hours when charging with a computer or two hours when using an AC adaptor. Before attempting the reset process again. During the reset, the light indicator next to the power button will be on.

    5. Touch Yes to reset the Reader.