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How many versions of the Windows® 7 operating system are available and what is the difference between the various editions?

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There are six editions of the Windows 7 operating system. The different versions are listed below:

NOTE: Each version includes the feature set of the lower version and additional features. The versions are listed in order from lowest to highest.

  • The Windows 7 Starter operating system: Designed for ease of use.
  • The Windows 7 Home Basic operating system: Designed for ease of use and includes a larger feature set.
  • The Windows 7 Home Premium operating system: Designed for home computers and includes many multimedia functions.
  • The Windows 7 Professional operating system: Designed for office computers and includes advanced networking features.
  • The Windows 7 Enterprise operating system: Designed for large corporations.
  • The Windows 7 Ultimate operating system: The most powerful and versatile version.

The following table shows the feature set of each version:


  • Additional information about the differences between the versions is available on the Microsoft® Web site.
  • Some features require hardware components installed on the computer, such as a TV tuner card for viewing live TV with Media Center.