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What is the advantage of using the APS-C size capture function?

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The APS-C size capture function allows images to be recorded using only the area at the center of the screen that corresponds to the size of an APS-C sensor.

It provides the following benefits:

  • It acts as a simple teleconverter. By taking an APS-C size capture function, the focal distance of the attached lens is increased by 1.5x, providing greater magnification.
  • The surroundings can also be seen in viewfinder. This allows easier photography of busy areas and fast-moving subjects, decreasing the chances of missed shots. The APS-C size area in the viewfinder is represented by a guide frame (shown below) to help you choose your composition. Image

IMPORTANT: This camera uses a full-size image sensor. Therefore, DT Lenses are still not recommended for use with this camera even when using the APS-C size capture function. DT Lenses are specifically designed for compatibility with digital SLR cameras that actually have an APS-C sensor. When a DT lens is attached, some subjects under certain lighting conditions may not obtain proper exposure.

NOTE: The pictures taken with the APS-C size capture function default to 3:2 aspect ratio.