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Can I send an Internet-based video from my smart phone or tablet to my TV or other Internet video device using the DLNA feature?

    Given the popularity of tablets and smartphones, a number of apps have emerged that can allow you to stream videos from the mobile to a TV or other media players. Some apps allow you to stream web-based content. This is a function of the app, and not the hardware. For more information check the description or instructions supplied with the app.

    However, to get the best possible video picture quality when using an Internet video source, Sony does not recommend using an Internet connection via a tablet or smartphone.


    • If you are using an Android™ device use the Google Play™ store app on the phone or tablet to locate an app.
    • If you are using an Apple® iPhone® mobile digital device, Apple iPad™ mobile digital device or other Apple device, use the Apple iTunes® application to find an app.