Article ID : 00019894 / Last Modified : 07/23/2019

How to set the default input for the Live TV application on the Google TV device.

    When you select the Live TV application on your Google TV™ device or press the TV button on your remote control, the TV will automatically show you the input you have selected as the default input for live TV broadcast. Follow the steps below to set an input as a default TV device.

    1. On the remote control, press the Home button.
    2. Select the All Apps icon.
    3. Select the Settings icon.
    4. Under Settings, select Video Input.
    5. In the Video Input menu, select Configured Devices.
    6. In the Configured Devices screen, highlight and select the input you want to use as default.
    7. From the options that appear on the screen select Make Default TV device.

    NOTE: An HDMI® input that has a Control for HDMI setting enabled cannot be used as a default TV device.