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Can the tablet battery be charged via a computer USB connection?

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The tablet battery will be charged via a computer USB connection as long as the computer USB port has charging capabilities and meets the required output voltages to charge the Xperia Tablet properly. The required output voltage is 5V, @ 1.5A.


  • A computer USB port that has charging capabilities will have a Lightning Bolt symbol to designate that capability. Image
  • If the computer USB port has charging capabilities and the charging capability of the port are enabled, but the tablet does not detect the proper voltage from the USB port, a This AC Adapter does not support charging message will appear on the notification area. Image
  • It may be necessary to enable the charging capabilities of the computer USB port before it will work to charge a device. Consult you computer Users Guide for instruction on how to enable the charging capabilities.
  • Even though the tablet battery will charge via a proper computer USB connection, it is recommended that the tablet be charged using the AC Adapter supplied with the Xperia Tablet.