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Adjust Autofocus With the AF Micro Adjustment Function

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What is AF Micro Adjustment?

The AF Micro Adjustment (AF Micro Adj.) function allows you to adjust and register an auto-focused position of an A-mount lens attached with the LA-EA2 or LA-EA4 mount adaptors.

Follow the steps below to use the AF Micro Adj. function:

  1. Attach the mount adapter to the camera.
  2. Attach the lens to the mount adapter.
  3. Choose a subject with good contrast as a focus point of reference.


    You can use a lens alignment tool to make sure that your devices always provide precise focus. A number of websites provides instructions on how to make your own lens alignment tool. However, if you prefer, there are commercially available lens alignment tools which includes:

  4. Press MENU.
  5. Select Setup.
  6. Select AF Micro Adj.
  7. Select AF Adjustment Setting.
  8. Select On.
  9. Select Amount.
  10. Turn the control wheel to adjust the value.
  11. Press the center button of the control wheel when finished.


    • The larger the value, the farther the focusing position from the camera; the smaller the value, the nearer the focusing position to the camera.
    • AF fine adjustment can't be performed when using Sony and Konica Minolta lenses that have the same specifications.

Note:   The registered value is displayed when you attach a lens that is registered on the camera. When you attach an unregistered lens, 0 is displayed. If a dash (-) is displayed as the value, then a total of 30 lenses have been registered. When you want to register a new lens, attach a lens for which you can delete its registered value and adjust that value to 0. Another option is to select Clear to reset the values of all lenses.

If you are can't use the AF Micro Adj., the camera body and lens can be sent for repair.

For all Sony products (EXCEPT VAIO computers): To send your product to a Sony facility to be repaired or to check the status of the a repair, visit our eService web site.


For VAIO Computer products: Please call 1-888-4SONYPC (476-6972) for service information for your product. To check the status of your VAIO product repair, have your phone number or Best Buy service number available and call 1-800-433-5778.