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Transfer Video Using an i.LINK Connection (IEEE 1394)

    Before You Start

    • The camcorder must have an i.LINK® port.

      i.LINK Port

    • The computer must have an i.LINK (DV, IEEE 1394, or FireWire®) port.
    • Use the correct i.LINK cable for your computer.

      i.LINK Cable

      Note: Sony® digital camcorders use i.LINK ports with 4 pins, while computer i.LINK ports and capture cards may have 4-pin, 6-pin or 9-pin connections.

    • The following camcorders can use PlayMemories Home™ to transfer the video:

      PlayMemories Home Compatible Camcorders


    Transfer the Video to Your Computer

    If your camcorder is compatible with PlayMemories Home:

    1. Confirm if your computer is compatible with PlayMemories Home.
    2. Install the PlayMemories Home software .
    3. Connect your camcorder to the computer using a compatible i.LINK cable.
    4. Set the power switch to VIEW/EDIT, PLAY/EDIT, or VCR depending on the model of your camcorder.
    5. If it's the first time the camera is connected, select OK on the PlayMemories Home window to add the Import from Tape function.
    6. On the Import from Tape screen, select Import from the beginning of the tape or Import from the current tape position.
    7. Select Import.
    8. Start PlayMemories Home and confirm that the videos are transferred.

    If your camcorder isn't compatible with PlayMemories Home:

    1. Install video capture software on your computer.
      • Check the software manual for information on compatibility, installation, and use of the video capture software.
    2. Connect your camcorder to your computer using the i.LINK cable.
    3. Set the power switch to VIEW/EDIT, PLAY/EDIT, or VCR depending on the model of your camcorder.
    4. Adjust the tape to the start of the footage you want to transfer.
    5. Start the video capture software on the computer.
    6. Begin playing the recorded video in the camcorder.
    7. Begin importing the video with the capture software.

    Additional troubleshooting  is available if the computer can't detect the i.LINK connection.