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What are the BIOS beep codes for a Sony® computer?

    What are the BIOS beep error codes for the Sony® desktop computers?

    Beeps Error Message
    1 long continuous beep Refresh failure
    3 beeps Base 64 KB memory failure
    4 beeps Timer is not operational or the
    motherboard is not functioning
    5 beeps Processor error
    6 beeps Gate A20 failure
    7 beeps Processor exception
    8 beeps Display memory read/write error
    9 beeps ROM checksum error
    10 beeps CMOS shutdown register
    read/write error
    1 short Post successful
    1 long
    2 short
    Video Controller Failure or faulty add-on card.
    1-3-3-1 DRAM refresh failure
    3-3-1 Parity circuit failure
    1-2-2-3 BIOS ROM checksum error
    1-3-1-1 DRAM refresh failure
    1-3-1-3 Keyboard controller error
    1-3-3-2 POST Memory Manager initialization failure
    1-3-4-1 RAM failure on address line xxxx
    1-3-4-3 RAM failure on data bits xxxx of low byte of memory bus
    1-4-2-1 CMOS RAM error
    2-1-2-3 ROM copyright notice error
    2-2-3-1 Unexpected interrupts error
    4-1-1-1 Try to boot with INT 19(Gate A20 failure)