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How to program the remote control using the Learning function.

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  • The original remote control for the product you want to control must be available and operating correctly.
  • The RM-AV remote control cannot learn functions from a radio frequency (RF) remote control and may not learn functions from a two-way Infrared (IR) remote control.

  1. Place the RM-AV remote control and the other remote control approximately 2-inches apart facing each other [FIG. 1].
  2. On the RM-AV remote control, simultaneously press the COMMANDER OFF button and the appropriate product button (TV, VCR1, DVD, or other).

    NOTE: The keys on the touch-screen LCD that can be programmed blink and LEARN is displayed.

  3. On the touch-screen LCD, touch the key you want to program.
  4. On the other remote control, press and hold the button to be learned until the RM-AV remote control beeps.


    • The button that was programmed on the RM-AV remote control will remain displayed while the other buttons flash.
    • If NGG displays in the LCD screen, the IR signal could not be programmed correctly; try repeating step 3 and 4.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all functions you want to program are learned.
  6. Press the COMMANDER OFF button to end the learning process.