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How to transfer (check-in) music or microphone recording files from the Net MD Walkman recorder to a computer.

    Audio checked out to the Net MD™ Walkman® recorder can be transferred (checked in) to the hard drive of the computer via a USB connection. Audio recorded to the Net MD™ Walkman® recorder via an external source such as a microphone or radio, can only be recorded to a computer via an analog connection.


    • Due to the various differences among computers and software applications, the steps provided here are a basic guideline. Please consult the manufacturer of your computer equipment for specific information about the computer.
    • To record analog audio into a computer, the following is required: A sound card installed in the computer with an audio input connection, software capable of capturing audio, a stereo audio cable with appropriate connections to connect the portable recorder to the computer.
    1. Connect one end of the stereo audio cable to the headphone jack of the portable recorder.
    2. Connect the other end of the stereo audio cable to the audio input jack on the computer.
    3. Start the audio recording software and set it up for recording.

      NOTE: Adjust the volume level on the portable recorder so that the input signal received by the audio software is suitable for recording.

    4. Enable recording in the audio software.
    5. Press the Play button on the portable recorder.

    ** Information regarding upgrading to the latest version of Sony's music management software is available at the Digital Music Player Support Web site at . Please note system requirements prior to upgrading your current application.