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How to use the VAIO Recovery Center when started from the Recovery Discs.

    Follow this procedure to use the VAIO Recovery Center when selecting that option from the System Recovery Options menu on the Recovery Discs.

    1. In the System Recovery Options window, click VAIO Recovery Center .
    2. In the VAIO Recovery Center window, under Choose a program , click to select the desired option:


      • Windows System Restore can return the computer to a previous configuration of the operating system when it was working properly.
      • Computer problems related to hardware can be diagnosed using the VAIO Hardware Diagnostics option.
      • The entire (C:) drive can be restored to its original, factory-installed condition by selecting Restore C: Drive .
      • Choosing Restore Complete System will restore the entire (C:) drive, while removing or restoring the Recovery Drive partition. Modifying the size of the hard drive partitions is also an option with this type of recovery. This option requires you to insert Recovery DVDs created using the Create Recovery Discs option.
      • The Rescue Data option can detect and save data to an external hard drive or removable media prior to a system recovery.
      • To remove all data from the hard drive, including the operating system, all programs and personal data, choose the Wipe and Erase Data option. This option is provided for the convenience of advanced users who want to install a different operating system, and who want to ensure all data has been removed from the hard drive first. All other users are strongly urged to avoid selecting this option.