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Picture Doesn't Fit the Screen of the TV

Picture looks too big, stretched, doesn't fit the screen, or parts of the picture appears to be cut off.

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TVs have to handle a variety of inputs and types of signals. Depending on the signal being received, the TV needs to process it and determine how to display it on the screen. There are settings in the TV that can be used to select the way the signal is processed and displayed.

Check These Things First

Depending on the broadcast or program you are watching, changing the TV settings may not solve the issue.

  • Check the TV menu.
    • If it is stretched or distorted, the TV may require repair.
  • Try a different input source (cable, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc™ player).
    • If the issue occurs on only a specific input, check the settings of the connected device.
  • Check the aspect ratio of the program or movie that you're watching.
    • Some programs may not be designed to fill your screen fully. For example, some movies are recorded in 21:9 cinema format. This will display black bars on the top and bottom when viewed on a wide screen (16:9) TV.
  • Check for Close Captioning (CC) or Extended Data Services (XDS).
    • If the Close Caption feature of the TV is turned on, this will cause the picture to be stretched, distorted, or cut off. Turn off the Close Captioning or Extended Data Services to resolve the issue.
  • The issue may be with the program such as news or sports broadcast.
    • These programs may have banners or tickers that is part of the broadcast that you can't remove or change.
  • Some TVs and other devices don't have the capability to change the aspect ratio of the picture when a 720p or 1080i/1080p signal is being output or received.

Check the Picture and Display Settings

If the issue still occurs after checking the steps above, follow the steps below to check the picture and display settings.

Check the settings of the device connected to the TV

Change the Automatic Picture Setting in the TV menu

Manually change the Wide Mode Setting

Settings to check when connecting a computer to a TV

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