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Can the TV remote be used to control the DIRECTV Genie Whole-Home HD DVR?

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While the DIRECTV® remote control supplied with the Genie™ Whole-Home DVR is recommended to control the receiver, the remote supplied with the TV can also be programmed to control many of the Genie's everyday functions.

The chart below is a list some functions of the Genie and the button on the TV remote that can operate these commands:
 Genie Functions  TV Remote Buttons
 On/Off  Power
 Change channels  CH +/-
 Previous channel  Jump
 Manual channel numbers  0-9
 Change volume  VOL +/-
 Mute Muting
 Control pad Select (Center), Up, Down, Left and Right
 Sync Menu  Channel Up, Channel Down, Numbers 0-9 and Jump
Blue  Enter
 DVR controls Play, Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward, Next and Prev
 Record  Photo Frame
 Green Guide
 Red  Red
 Yellow  List
 Menu  Sync Menu
 Info  Display
 Exit  Return

The following image is an example of the remote supplied with the TV: