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Turn off or Exit the DEMO Mode on My TV

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Retailers use the DEMO mode setting to display the functionality and features of TVs. These features display at the top and bottom of the screen. We don't recommend that you use the DEMO mode because it limits some of the features and functions commonly used at home.

Disable DEMO Mode

The steps to disable the DEMO mode vary on the design of the TV. Select the link that best describes your TV and follow the instructions provided to disable DEMO mode.

KDL-xxWxxxB, XBR-xxXxxxB Series and Android TV™

  • HOME screen of the WxxxB series and XxxxB series TVs

    HOME screen of WxxB and XxxxB series

  • HOME screen of an Android TV

    Android TV HOME screen

W5xxD Series / WD60x_W60xD_WD65x_W65xD Series / WD75x_W75xD Series

  • HOME screen of the W5xxD Series / WD60x_W60xD_WD65x_W65xD Series / WD75x_W75xD Series

    WxxD series HOME screen

Other models

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