Article ID : 00086864 / Last Modified : 02/05/2015

I copied an AVCHD format movie to my computer but I cannot play it back on my computer.

    To playback AVCHD files on your computer, install a compatible AVCHD playback software. Movie files can be played back by using the PlayMemories Home® software. If the operating system on your computer is Windows® Vista or earlier, you cannot play AVCHD format movies just by connecting directly to your computer using Windows Explorer.

    NOTE: 3D movies recorded with the 3D-compatible camcorder are played back as 2D movies on the computer if you us e the PlayMemories Home software Ver.1.0.10 or older. To play back 3D movies, update the PlayMemories Home software to Ver.1.2.00 or later. If you write them back to the camcorder, they are played back as 3D movies. Use the PlayMemories Home software Ver.1.3.02 or newer on a Windows® 8 computer.