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A Your security software has expired message appears on my computer.

    All VAIO® computers come with an anti virus software pre installed. However, some models only come with a free 30-day trial version of the anti virus software. Once the trial version software has expired, the operating system will detect that it is expired and remind you to renew your subscription. If you do nothing or choose not to renew, Windows® Defender tool will automatically be enabled on the third day to ensure your computer is protected at all times.

    Follow these steps below to either renew your anti virus software subscription or to enable the Windows Defender tool.

    NOTE: The Kaspersky™ Internet Security software will be used as an example on the steps below.

    1. On the day the security software expires, a notification will be shown. Day1
    2. There will be two options to choose from.
      • Renew the security software
        • This will launch a browser and take you to the security software website, allowing you to renew your license.Kaspersky
      • Remind me later
        • This option will close the notification window and remind you again the next day.
    3. Provided the security software has been expired for two days and Windows Defender has not been enabled, another notification will be shown.Day 2

      NOTE: Two options will be provided with this notification.

      • Renew the security software
      • Turn on Windows Defender
        • This option will enable the Windows Defender tool and make it as the default program in providing security protection.
    4. If the security software is still expired on the third day and Windows Defender has not been enabled, a final notification will be shown telling you that Windows Defender has been enabled automatically to protect the computer from being infected by viruses or other malware.Day 3
    5. Click OK to close the notification window.

      NOTE: Having Windows Defender enabled does not uninstall your previous security software. You can still update or renew your preferred security software and, once updated or renewed, it will resume as the default security software and will disable Windows Defender. If you do not choose to update or renew the pre installed security software, or if you do not install a new security software, Windows Defender will continue as the default security software.Windows Defender