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Initial Setup and System Update of an Android TV

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Before You Start

Your TV supports Wi-Fi® connection. However, we recommend using a wired cable between your router and TV for a more stable connection. This is especially helpful when you're downloading system updates.

Video Tutorial

Android TV- Initial Setup

Perform Initial Setup

  1. Power on the TV (approximately two-three minutes).
  2. On your remote control, press the HOME button.
  3. Scroll down, then select Settings.
  4. Under the TV category, press the right arrow button. Then, select Initial Setup.
  5. On the Start Initial Setup screen, select YES.

    Start Initial Setup

    • The TV will power off and power back on. Then, Connecting to Google appears.

    Connecting to Google screen

  6. Sign in to your Google® account.
    • Steps 6 and 7 will not appear if you previously entered an email account.
    • Before you select USE YOUR PHONE OR LAPTOP, make sure the phone or laptop and TV are connected to the network. If they are, sign in to your account, and continue to the next step.

    Sign In to Google

  7. Enter your email address.

    Enter your Google Account

  8. On the Agree the Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy screen, select Continue.

    Google Terms and Service

  9. On the Location screen, select YES.

    Location Menu

  10. On the Select your region screen, select USA.
    • If you're in Canada, set the date and time according to your location and where the TV is registered. Then, select CANADA.

    Select your Region

  11. On the Privacy Policy screen, select AGREE.

    Private Policy

  12. On the Upload TV Usage screen, select DISAGREE.

    Upload TV Usage

  13. On How will your TV receiver programming? screen, select BUILT-IN TUNER.
    • Select BUILT-IN TUNER if you have an antenna or direct cable connected to your TV.
    • Select SET-TOP BOX if you're using a cable box or satellite receiver.
    • Select SKIP if you're not using any of these source devices.

    TV Receive Programing? screen

  14. On the Setup complete! screen, select DONE.

    Setup complete

Update the Software

  1. On the HOME screen menu, scroll down to Settings.
  2. Select Help.


  3. Select System Software Update.
  4. Select Check for a system software update.
  5. Select UPGRADE NOW.

    Upgrade The Software

    • The software download takes about 60 minutes depending on your network speed.
    • Downloading appears.

      Downloading update

    • When the download is complete, the TV will restart and the upgrade will begin. Make sure not to power off the TV or don't disconnect the power cord at this point.
    • The TV will display the following icons and messages.

      Android Upgrading

  6. Select OK in the System software update screen.