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Checking the Network Connectivity of the Wireless Speakers Using the Music Center App

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The Music Center (previously known as SongPal™) app can help you diagnose the signal strength or network connection between compatible wireless speakers and your router. For a complete list of compatible devices, check the Music Center website.

Follow these below to check if there are connectivity issues and check the Wi-Fi® signal reception strength for your wireless speaker:

  1. On your mobile device, launch the Music Center app.
  2. Tap Speaker & Group.
  3. Select the Wireless Speaker which you want to check the connectivity information.
  4. On the menu, select Settings.


  5. Under Settings, select either Network Connection Diagnosis or Wi-Fi Signal Strength Check.

    Note: Network Connection Diagnosis lets you check for potential connectivity issues, while Wi-Fi Radio Wave Measurement is used to evaluate the Wi-Fi signal reception strength for your wireless speaker.


  6. Music Center will then retrieve the relevant diagnosis or signal reception strength for your speaker.

    Network Connection Diagnosis Wi-Fi Signal Strength Check
     Image  Image
  • If the Network Connection Diagnosis reveals network issues between your Wireless Speaker and your router, you will find tips and hints to help you solve them.
  • The Troubleshooting guide from the Wi-Fi Signal Strength Check will help you improve network connectivity for your speaker, whether the signal reception is strong enough or not.