Article ID : 00167135 / Last Modified : 03/29/2019

The USB driver for the TA-ZH1ES cannot be installed on the computer.

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Check the following:

  • For Windows Vista®, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 10 operating systems.

    Re-download and install the USB driver. Downloads are posted on your model support page.

  • For the Windows® 7 operating systems.

    NOTE: When the exclamation mark Exclamation mark appears on Device Manager , the USB driver may not be installed on the Windows 7 operating system.

    IMPORTANT: For more information, contact your computer manufacturer.

    Check whether the security update program (KB3033929) is installed on your computer. For Windows 7 operating system, SHA-2 code signing and signature verification needs to be added.

    The security update program (KB3033929) can also be applied to your computer by installing the latest modification program for the Windows 7 operating system (Service Pack, update program, patch).

    Install the programs in the following order when installing manually.

    1. Security update program KB3035131.
    2. Security update program KB3033929.