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PlayMemories Camera Apps: Digital Filter

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What is the Digital Filter app?

The Digital Filter app allows you to divide an image into two or three areas and optimize the exposure and white balance for each area, helping you to shoot the best image.
This application is perfect for scenes containing vastly different brightness levels, such as in backlit landscape scenes.
The features of the app, enable you to enjoy the same wide dynamic range and expressive rendition as if using a graduated ND filter or reverse graduated ND filter.

Digital Filter

The Three main features:

  • Function: Enables users to divide the area up to three, adding more effects and replacing even more filters than the Sky HDR app.
  • Image Quality: Increased color expressions near the boundaries.
  • Increased Usability: Quick and easy settings, suitable when you want to shoot the momentary scenes such as sunset.

What is the difference between the Digital Filter app and the Digital Filter (Upgrade)?

There is no difference between the Digital Filter app and the Digital Filter (Upgrade).

  • If you already have the Sky HDR app, you can purchase the Digital Filter(Upgrade)
    to add the additional features.
  • If you do not have the Sky HDR app, you can purchase Digital Filter and gain all of the features of Sky HDR and Digital Filter.

Application Feature Restrictions Based on Camera Model

   a7R II, a7S II, 
a6500, a6300, 
RX10 III,RX100 V
 a7 II  RX1R II, 
RX10 II, 
RX100 IV 
 a7R, a7S, a7, 
Saving Original Images  Supported   Not supported  
White Balance Micro-Adjustment  Supported   Not Supported  
Vertical Pos. Link  Supported    Not Supported 
Setting the Lower and Upper ISO Sensitivity Limits for ISO Auto in the Application  Supported  Not Supported  Supported  Not Supported 
Setting the ISO Auto Minimum Shutter Speed  Supported  Not Supported  Supported  Not Supported