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Set Up Your Wireless Smart Speaker

    Before You Start

    • An existing Google™ account is required before setting up your LF-S50G Wireless Speaker with the Google Assistant Built-in. If you don't have a Google account, visit the sign-up website to create one.
    • On your mobile device, download the Google Home™ app from the Apple® App Store® or the Google Play™ store.

    Set Up Your Wireless Smart Speaker

    1. Plug in and turn on your speaker.
    2. On your mobile device, turn on the Bluetooth® function.
    3. Open the Google Home app and tap the Speaker icon icon on the upper right corner.


    4. Under the speaker name, tap SET UP.

      Set Up

    5. On the Would you like to set up this device screen, tap YES.

      Speaker found

    6. After sound comes out of the LF-S50G speaker, tap YES.
    7. To automatically share information to help improve the Google Home app, tap YES, I'M IN.

      Help Improve

    8. Under My rooms, select the location of the speaker, and tap NEXT.

      Where is this device?

    9. Select your Wi-Fi® network and tap NEXT.

      Connect to WiFi

    10. Enter your Wi-Fi password and tap CONNECT.

      Enter password

    11. On the Before using your Google Assistant screen, scroll down to the bottom and tap NEXT.

      Before using Google Assistant

    12. On the Teach your Assistant to Recognize your Voice screen, select AGREE or NO THANKS.
      • If you select AGREE, follow the on-screen instructions to set up voice recognition. The Google Assistant will access information from your Google Home account.
      • If you select NO THANKS, the Google Assistant won't distinguish between users.
    13. Enter your address to improve services such as traffic, location, and weather information, and tap CONFIRM ADDRESS.

      Enter your address

    14. Select the music service you want to add and tap NEXT.

      Add music services

    15. Select the video service you want to add and tap NEXT.

      Add video services

    16. To use your Google Assistant to control a Chromecast compatible device connected to the network, select the device and tap NEXT.

      Control Chromecast

    17. On the Almost done! screen, verify your information and tap CONTINUE.

      Almost Done

    18. On the speaker is ready screen, tap CONTINUE.

      speaker is ready

    19. On the Just start with Hey Google screen, tap FINISH SETUP.

      Just start with Hey Google

    *Google is a trademark of Google LLC.