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Setup Dolby Vision on Your Blu-ray Disc Player

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Before You Start

Connection and Settings

  1. Connect your Blu-ray Disc player to the TV directly.

  2. Set up your Dolby Vision compatible A/V Receiver or Sound bar (if applicable):

  3. On your Blu-ray Disc player, turn on Dolby Vision Output.

  4. Set your TV input to HDR.

Dolby Vision Output Specifications

The dynamic range of the TV output is based on the Dolby Vision Output setting and the type of TV:

Dolby Vision OutputInputDolby Vision Compatible TVHDR TV (Not Compatible to Dolby Vision)SDR TV
ONDolby VisionDolby Vision outputHDR10 outputHDR output converted to SDR
HDR10 (High Dynamic Range)
SDR (Standard Dynamic Range)SDR output
(Default setting)
Dolby VisionHDR10 outputHDR10 outputHDR output converted to SDR
SDR (Standard Dynamic Range)SDR outputSDR outputSDR output


  • If Dolby Vision Output is set to OFF, Dolby Vision-compatible videos use HDR10 instead.
  • If Dolby Vision Output is set to ON, Video Settings and 3D Playback are unavailable.
    • Non-Dolby Vision and non-HDR videos will play back using Dolby Vision output.