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aibo can't identify the person or I don't receive reports from aibo's patrol

    If your aibo™ robotic companion can't identify the person when it's on patrol or you don't receive a report, check the following:

    • Advise the person to move their face closer to the tip of aibo's nose to make it easier for aibo to detect.
    • Brighten the room so that aibo can recognize them.
    • Guide aibo to where it made the map.
    • Before aibo starts to patrol, make sure that the network is stable in the area aibo will patrol so it can send reports.

    If aibo finds someone that it can't identify, aibo alerts them with the sound of a whistle and motions them over to where aibo is. If this happens, they should move their face closer, to approximately 50 to 70 centimeters (20 to 28 inches) from aibo's nose camera. If aibo recognizes a face from people to visit, aibo happily wags its tail and sends you a report after its patrol.

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