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Can aibo be carried onto an airplane?

    Your aibo™  robotic companion can be carried onto an airplane, just as you would other personal items.

    Packing your aibo

    • Turn off the power to prevent aibo from moving.
    • Because airplanes do move, it's recommended that you place your aibo in a protective case when you bring it into the cabin.

    At the security checkpoint

    • In order to complete the baggage inspection smoothly, take aibo from the bag, place aibo on a tray at the security checkpoint to be X-ray inspected by security.
    • X-ray inspection will cause no data loss or damage.
    • According to International Air Transport Association (IATA) policy, lithium-ion batteries that are 160Wh or less can be brought onto an airplane. The built-in battery of aibo is 36Wh.
    • The battery can't be removed from aibo.