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Live TV streaming pauses or buffers

    You need a stable internet connection to stream live content such as Hulu® Live, Sling™ TV, or YouTube TV™ service, etc. At minimum, the internet download speed should be greater than 15Mbps for 4K streaming. Some companies recommend at least 25 Mbps.

    Also, some internet service providers (ISPs) deliver content in large data bursts that may not be suitable for live content streaming despite the large bandwidth.

    • Make sure you have sufficient internal storage to store on-demand and real-time content data. To do that, go to: SettingsStorage&ResetInternal shared storage.
      • Confirm that at least 3 - 5 Gbytes is available.
      • The more apps that are installed the less the available storage capacity.
      • Real-time live streaming uses less memory to store data, but it needs to be constantly replenished as opposed to the on-demand streaming that is delivered less frequently, but in larger data packets.
    • If Sling Live TV displays an error message like 1-1xx (examples: 1-100, 1-104, etc) on your TV, visit the Sling Help site for troubleshooting steps that may help you resolve your issue.

    Note: If you have a Netflix® subscription, you can monitor the stability of your connection (over time in real-time) to the internet. On your TV remote, press the Display button while streaming any on-demand content from Netflix. If your connection bandwidth fluctuates for on-demand content, it is highly likely you will see real-time live content delivery issues like pausing, content interruption, etc.