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What is unique about Game enhancer? (Xperia 5)


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    Topics covered in this article

    • What special features does Game enhancer have?

    • What's new in Game enhancer on Xperia® 5?


    The Game enhancer app is designed to raise the gaming experience. With it you will find all of your games in one place and you can block all notifications so you
    can focus on the game. Game enhancer also allows you to record the screen, share it with other gamers, and talk to each other during the game. Additionally, you'll find in-game tips and tricks while you play.

    Thanks to the extended screen of Xperia 5, the Game enhancer UI will not interfere with the game view.

    At launch, Xperia 5 features an updated version of Game enhancer with the following improvements:

    • Wider search UI for overlay web and YouTube™ browsing.
    • Screen shot burst to capture gameplay.
    • Simultaneous game audio and commentary recording, with the option to transform your voice.
    • More settings for undisturbed gameplay, such as disabling camera key and incoming calls.


    Note: Screen recording is not available in all games.