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What happens if I don't renew the aibo AI Cloud Plan?

    If the aibo AI Cloud Plan is not renewed:

    aibo's growth will stop:

    • aibo will no longer remember people, places, or things, nor will it understand its owner's commands.

    aibo's memories and settings information, which are stored on the cloud, will disappear:

    • Any photos taken and locations stored by aibo in the past, any memories with owners, and all the memories aibo has collected so far, and all the various settings information will disappear from the cloud.
    • Furthermore, aibo's memories and setting information will not be restored if they are lost for whatever reason.

    You will not be able to communicate with the aibo by using the My aibo app:

    • You will no longer be able to use communication functions (such as viewing photos, ordering tricks, looking at maps, changing various settings) with your aibo on My aibo app.
    • You will not be able to use the coins you have or the foods you have bought.

    You will not be able to update your aibo's software and use newly released functions.

    You will no longer enjoy the tricks or behaviors that are delivered based on seasonal events or anniversaries.

    After your aibo AI Cloud Plan contract ends, if you send your aibo for repairs, aibo will be initialized and returned to the condition in which you purchased it. When this happens, aibo's name and owner memories and other information will be lost.