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How can I extend the battery life?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Valid for

    • Android 12
    • Android™ 11

    Here are some tips to help you extend the battery time of your device, for example, when you need to get the most power out of the battery.

    Take care of the battery

    • Use the original charger that came with your Xperia® device.
    • Avoid situations where your device can overheat.
    • Avoid leaving your device in extremely hot or cold environments.
    • Charge your device just as much as needed. If you leave your device charging for a long time after reaching 100%, the battery might be damaged.
    • Avoid total discharges, as these can damage the battery and decrease the capacity.
    • If you're going to store your device for a longer time, charge it to at least 50% and then turn it off.

    Turn on battery and power-saving features

    • Turn on and set up STAMINA mode.
      1. Find and tap SettingsBatterySTAMINA mode.
      2. Tap TURN ON NOW or Set a schedule depending on your preferences.
    • Turn on Battery Care.
      1. Find and tap SettingsBattery → Battery Care.
      2. Tap the switch beside Use Battery Care, turning the feature On.
    • Turn on Adaptive Battery.
      1. Find and tap SettingsBatteryAdaptive Battery.
      2. Tap the switch beside Use adaptive battery turning the feature On.

    Choose settings that use less battery

    • Reduce the Brightness level of the screen.
      1. Find and tap SettingsDisplayBrightness level.
      2. Drag the slider to reduce the brightness level.
    • Turn on Adaptive brightness to optimize brightness level for the available light.
      1. Find and tap SettingsDisplayAdaptive brightness.
      2. Tap the switch beside Adaptive brightness, turning the feature On.
    • Set a shorter Screen timeout before your screen turns off.
      1. Find and tap SettingsScreen timeout or Sleep.
      2. Select a time from the pop-up menu.
    • Turn off Dial pad tones, and Sounds for screen-locking, Charging, and Touch.
      1. Find and tap SettingsSoundAdvanced.
      2. Tap the switch beside Dial pad tones turning off the feature.
      3. Tap the switch beside Screen-locking sounds, turning off the feature.
      4. Tap the switch beside Charging sounds and vibration turning off the feature.
      5. Tap the switch beside Touch sounds, turning off the feature.
    • Turn off Sounds and Haptic feedback for the On-screen keyboard.
      1. Find and tap SettingsSystemLanguages & inputOn-screen keyboardGboardPreferences.
      2. Tap the switch beside Sound on keypress, turning off the feature.
      3. Tap the switch beside Haptic feedback on keypress turning off the feature.

    Avoid or limit high-drain activities.

    If the battery drains fast, try to avoid high drain activities like:

    • Using GPS or showing navigation for long periods.
    • Streaming and watching videos and music.
    • Playing highly interactive or graphics-heavy games.
    • Tethering (hotspots).
    • Phone calls when you are on the move (like in a car).
    • Using apps for long periods.

    Turn off connectivity and location services.

    • Turn off Bluetooth when you're not using it.
      1. Find and tap SettingsDevice connectionConnection preferencesBluetooth.
      2. Tap the switch beside On, turning the feature off.
    • Turn off Mobile data.
      1. Find and tap SettingsNetwork & InternetMobile network.
      2. Tap the switch next to Mobile data, turning it off.
    • Turn off Wi-Fi to prevent your device from using the battery when connected in weak coverage situations.
      1. Find and tap SettingsNetwork & Internet.
      2. Tap the switch beside Wi-Fi, turning it off.
    • Turn on Airplane mode to prevent your device from using the battery when staying connected in situations with low signal levels.
      1. Find and tap SettingsNetwork & Internet.
      2. Tap the switch beside Airplane mode, turning the feature On.