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How to use Amazon Alexa with a Wireless Speaker

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    This article provides basic information, how-to, and troubleshooting information when using the Amazon Alexa™ app* with your Wireless Speaker.

    1. Basic Information
    2. How to use
    3. Troubleshooting

    1. Basic Information

    What is Alexa?
    It's an Amazon® cloud-based service.

    What can I do on my Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa?
    You can do the following operations on your Wireless Speaker using voice commands on an Amazon Alexa-enabled device (Amazon Echo™ etc.):

    • Playback or stop music
    • Go to the previous or next track
    • Set the volume control

    Note: Operations such as power on or off, switch input, and changing the sound mode are not supported.

    What else do I need to use Amazon Alexa functions with the Wireless Speaker?
    You will need the following:

    • An Amazon Alexa-enabled device, such as an Amazon Echo etc.
    • A mobile device that can connect to the Google Play™ store or Apple® App Store, to perform initial setup with an Amazon Alexa-enabled device.
    • A home network with Wi-Fi® (wireless) capabilities
    • The Sony | Music Center app
    • An Amazon account

    Which streaming music services (streaming services) are compatible with the Amazon Alexa functions?
    The following streaming music services are compatible with this function:

    • Amazon Music™
    • Spotify®
    • TuneIn™
    • iHeartRadio™
    • Pandora®
    • SiriusXM®
    • Deezer
    • TIDAL


    • You may be required to activate the account link and skills on the Alexa app, depending on the streaming music service.
    • Because of decisions made by the various music service providers, the available music services may change without notice.

    2. How to use

    How do I perform the initial setup to use the Amazon Alexa function?
    Follow these steps to perform the initial setup:

    1. Install the Music Center app to your smartphone.
    2. Connect the smartphone and Wireless Speaker to the same network.
    3. On your smartphone, open the Music Center app.
    4. Perform the initial setup and follow the on-screen instructions.

    What voice commands do I use with Alexa?
    You must give preset voice commands to Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. You can say the following voice commands:

    • "Alexa, play music on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, play some Jazz music on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, play Bruno Mars on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, turn up the volume on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, turn down the volume on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, stop the music on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, play on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, play song on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, stop on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, next on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, previous on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, pause on the Wireless Speaker"
    • "Alexa, pause music on the Wireless Speaker"


    • You can set your own device name, but the recognition accuracy of the, Inc. service may change depending on the device name, we recommend using Wireless Speaker as the device name.
    • For other voice commands, enter the words Alexa Help Voice Commands in your internet browser to search for and find help with Amazon Alexa commands.

    How do I unregister my device from Alexa?
    Sign out from the Alexa setting of the Music Center app.

    3. Troubleshooting

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