Article ID : 00263799 / Last Modified : 11/24/2021

Accessibility for Xperia Smartphone

    The Xperia® smartphones support the following accessibility features and are available on Xperia Smartphone with Android™ 11.


    • You can access them from [Settings] → [Accessibility]
    • Available features might be different depending on the product.
    • Some features might require app installation from Google Play™ depending on the product.


    TalkBackYou can use your device without looking at the screen by spoken feedback
    Select to SpeakYou can tap specific items on your screen to hear them read aloud  
    Font sizeYou can make the text on the screen smaller or larger
    Display sizeYou can make the items on your screen smaller or larger
    Dark themeYou can change your display to a dark background
    MagnificationYou can zoom or magnify to see your device's screen better
    Color correctionYou can adjust how colors are displayed on your device
    Color inversionYou can change your display to a dark background
    Large mouse cursorYou can make the mouse pointer larger
    Remove animationsYou can remove animation partly during operating your device
    High-contrast textYou can make a text easier to read on your device



    Mono audioYou can integrate audio channel during playback
    Audio balanceYou can adjust the left and right audio balance
    Caption preferencesYou can choose caption preferences for your device



    Switch accessYou can interact with your device using one or more switches
    Accessibility MenuYou can control your device from a large on-screen menu
    Click after the mouse pointer stops movingYou can set the mouse cursor to take action automatically when the cursor stops moving for a certain amount of time
    Power button ends the callYou can press your device's power button to end a call  
    Auto-rotate screenYou can rotate the screen automatically when you move your device between portrait and landscape  
    Touch & hold delayYou can adjust the amount of time before your tap on the screen becomes a touch & hold
    Time to take action (Accessibility timeout)You can choose how long to show messages that ask you to take action but are visible only temporarily
    Vibration & haptic strengthYou can turn on vibration for ringing, notifications, and touch
    System navigationYou can choose between 3-button navigation and Gesture navigation
    Volume key shortcutYou can press and hold both volume keys to start an accessibility feature